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How Much is Car Transport?

What is car transport? - On Route Global

What is car transport?

Car transportation or car shipping, entails the relocation of vehicles from one location to another.


Optimal car transport entails the involvement of licensed professionals possessing the requisite expertise and equipment to ensure the safe transportation of your vehicle.


The chosen transport method significantly impacts the cost of car transport. You can opt for open transport, which is more cost-effective, or enclosed transport, offering heightened protection.


Typically, enclosed auto transport incurs a 30-60% higher cost compared to open transport. Open transport stands as the most prevalent choice, favoured by the majority of customers, including car dealerships.


Conversely, enclosed transport is the preferred option for individuals shipping luxury, exotic, or collector vehicles seeking enhanced protection.

If you're wondering about the cost of moving a car interstate, you can anticipate affordable rates starting from around $0.40 per kilometre.


For trips within the same city area, expect a ballpark figure of approximately $250.


However, for a dependable service from a reputable car carrier, a realistic estimate would be around $0.60 per kilometre.

How to get a car transport quote

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Pickup and delivery locations for the vehicle &

Preference for car transport method (open or enclosed trailer).

Details regarding the vehicle's year, make, and model (to ensure availability of the required transport).

Confirmation of the vehicle's operational status (whether it can be driven forward and in reverse, with basic steering capabilities for truck loading and unloading).

Earliest feasible pickup date.

Calculating car shipping costs

Car transport quotes/rates are formulated based on individual customer needs, considering a range of factors.


Your car transport estimate is derived from various transport considerations, including distance, vehicle size (e.g., sedan, 4x4, SUV), it's vehicle condition (operable or inoperable) the type of transport (open or enclosed), location (rural or urban), and sometimes the time of year for shipping.

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How It Works

Embark on a seamless and well-guided journey with On Route Global as we demystify the intricacies of our robust vehicle transportation process. We understand that each vehicle is unique, and so is the experience you seek. Here's an in-depth look at each step, ensuring transparency, convenience, and peace of mind throughout your vehicle's journey:

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Share Vehicle Details

Define Your Transport Needs: Specify Your Vehicle's Vital Information

Provide detailed information about your vehicle, ensuring that our network of drivers can understand its specific requirements for a safe and secure journey.


Which Location to Another

Map Your Route: Indicate the Current and Destination Locations

Clearly specify the starting point and intended destination of your vehicle, enabling our system to connect you with drivers who specialise in your chosen route.


When You Want to Get It Delivered

Time Your Transport: Set Your Preferred Delivery Date

Choose a delivery date that aligns with your schedule, offering flexibility and convenience as your vehicle embarks on its journey.

Get Quotes and Respond


Choose Your Path: Explore Quotes and Tailor Your Experience

Receive an instant competitive quote from our network of approved drivers. Take the time to compare and choose the one that aligns best with your preferences and budget. Confirm your booking by paying a small fee, securing your chosen driver and initiating the next phase of your vehicle's journey.

Request a Quote


Initiate Your Journey: Request a Personalised Vehicle Transportation Quote

Kickstart the process by providing essential details about your vehicle. Share information such as its type, current location, intended destination, and your preferred delivery date. This step sets the foundation for a tailored and hassle-free transportation experience.

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Get Reasonable Quotes

Transparent Pricing: Receive Competitive Quotes Tailored to Your Needs

Explore quotes from our network of approved drivers, ensuring transparency and offering a range of pricing options that suit your budget and preferences.


Compare Quote and Accept

Your Choice, Your Control: Evaluate and Confirm Your Preferred Quote

Compare the received quotes based on factors like pricing, delivery timelines, and driver ratings. Accept the quote that aligns best with your needs, putting you in control of your vehicle's transportation journey.


Pay a Small Deposit to Confirm the Booking

Secure Your Spot: Confirm Your Booking with a Nominal Deposit

Confirm your selected quote by paying a small fee. This step solidifies your booking, securing your chosen driver and paving the way for the final phase of your vehicle's journey.

Get It Delivered


Seamless Delivery Experience: Your Vehicle, Your Way

Once the booking is confirmed, your selected driver will reach out to you for further coordination. This step ensures a personalised and smooth delivery process. Relax and anticipate the arrival of your vehicle at its destination, guided by the expertise and professionalism of our dedicated drivers.

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Driver Will Get in Touch with You for Further Process

Personalized Coordination: Your Chosen Driver Initiates Contact

Expect direct communication from your selected driver as they guide you through the necessary steps for a smooth and personalised delivery process.


There You Go, Your Vehicle Is Delivered

Arrival Celebration: Anticipate the Seamless Arrival of Your Vehicle

Sit back and relax as your vehicle reaches its destination seamlessly, concluding its journey under the expert care of our dedicated drivers.

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